Should I Expand My Blog Into Marketing Tips and Advice?

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I apologise for the recent radio silence, I have started a new exciting job as a Digital Brand Manager for a digital agency which has kept me unbelievably busy.

I have been toying with the idea of starting a new section on my blog to add marketing tips, advice, learnings, and whatever else may come my way.

I am hoping this may be a learning experience for myself and others to see what works and what doesn’t in the ever changing world of online marketing.

Let me know your thoughts.



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From travel insurance, making checklists, booking early, and more, we give you a list of essential travel tips you need to remember.

Essential Travel Tips

Travelling is so exciting but it can also be stressful if you forget these essential tips.

1. Early bird catches the cheap flight
Make sure you book early for your local and international trips. This gives you more flexibility for suitable dates, more hotel availability and reduces stress.

2. Make a Checklist
You’ve finally arrived at your destination only to realise you have forgotten your camera charger and all pyjamas, avoid this irritation with a simply checklist. Checklists help you pack efficiently, allow you to keep track of what you have already packed, and keeps you from forgetting anything important.

3. Travel Insurance
An essential for local and international travelling, insurance can cover medical bills, lost luggage, and even the cost of your whole trip should you cancel it. Travel insurance is only a small amount but it can really save you in times of need.

4. Pack Light
You should always pack as lightly as possible because you will have to carry your own luggage. You should always leave space for trinkets and extra souvenirs you will be bringing home. Keep in mind the luggage restrictions on flights are generally 23kgs, you need to pack well under this to account for the weight of new items.

5. Keep Emergency Cash
It’s vital that you always take a bit of extra cash with you for the unforeseen expenses. If you miss your flight and need to spend an unexpected night in a hotel, you lose your camera, or you run out of money, you will be grateful for the extra cash. You can keep this money on a travel card issued by your bank, travellers’ cheques or in cash in a safe place.

6. Lock It Up
Make sure you take an extra lock or two with you in the event you lose yours or you want to store your valuables in a locker in your room or in transit. You can store your valuables in your suitcase in your room provided you have a sturdy lock.

7. Always Adapt
It’s always a good idea to take an international adapter and international chargers for your cell phones, camera, and all other technology. Some countries use plugs with different voltages so you should always check your plugs will work in the country you are going to. You can buy an inexpensive international adapter from most luggage shops, technology stores like Incredible Connection, and some other departmental stores like Clicks.

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Choosing the right home insurance option can be difficult, luckily, we have six easy tips to help you find the most affordable content cover.

Insure Your Home Contents


Accurate Content Evaluations
Create a full and comprehensive list of all the contents in your home so you can create an accurate estimation of the value of your possessions. Make sure you don’t leave anything out to save a few bucks because if something were to happen, you would be under-insured and you would have to pay to replace the items.


Know Your Policy’s Limitations
All policies available will have a limit as to how much the insurance company would be willing to pay out per asset, you need to know what this amount is. Make sure you read the fine print on the policy before you sign. Your policy will probably not cover every single asset for every kind of loss situation but you must know what is included. Items excluded from a claim according to your policy often comprise of antiques, damage from storms, and a lack of maintenance to your home.


Avoid Discount Insurers
As tempting as it may be, choosing the cheapest insurer that offers “discounts” will cost you in the long run. Be sure to avoid insurers that offer discounts as the low-cost policies have some nasty and expensive surprises in the fine print. You either need to give up a certain level of coverage, customer service, or you actually pay back the “discount” a few months later with higher premiums.


Insure Collectables Separately
Most basic insurance policies will not cover antiques or collectables. You can either pay an extra premium with your basic policy or you may have to take out a completely different policy. This will depend entirely on your insurance provider. Take note, it is important for you to safeguard any appraisal certificates of your collectables, as you would need to prove their worth in case of loss.


Up Your Excess
To save on your monthly premium, ask your insurance broker to increase your excess. This means that the required amount you need to pay for the cost of filing a claim with your insurance company, termed excess, would be higher than the normal rate. If you intend to do this, make sure you increase your excess before you start paying your monthly premiums.


Always Compare
Don’t be fooled by the bold offers of some insurance companies, always take a closer look at the policy details such as limitations, excess, and over all price. To compare a variety of good quality home insurance providers, simply go to

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A new ruling by the Competition Tribunal will force Telkom to split their retail and wholesale business.

Telkom Wholesale and Retail SplitAs of January 2014, Telkom has had to split their Retail and Wholesale business according to a ruling filed by the Competition Tribunal in June last year. A new code of conduct was issued to Telkom employees, which draws a line in the sand between special treatment and fair play between the Retail and Wholesale employees. They are no longer allowed to share competitive confidential client information between themselves because it violates the ethical code of the Competition Tribunal.

This new code of conduct stipulates that Telkom Wholesale employees are not allowed to give preferential treatment in the form of requests by employees from the Telkom Retail department. This would include sharing confidential information from rival operators such as client information and product-plan models. Failing to comply with the new code would possibly result in disciplinary action, however Telkom assured that all whistle-blowers would receive protection.

The CEO of Telkom, Sipho Maseko, briefed his employees about the new code of conduct and added, “We are also developing a separate competition compliance training programme for relevant employees on competition issues.”

The split between the two departments may in fact result in faster delivery of cable broadband services as many industry analysts have suggested over recent years. Simon Leps, Fontera Digital Works CEO, told News24 that Telkom’s split should enforce the commercial division to compete with other service providers. He said, “That way there is a single company that is responsible for providing broadband and fixed line infrastructure to all others in SA. It also stops Telkom from being its own customer and forces it to provide a level playing field for all other ISPs.”

The Competition Tribunal’s ruling is aimed at reducing prices for cable broadband because other companies would be able to compete fairly and thus enabling more of the South African populous to gain broadband access.

Read the original article here:

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Don’t book your flight before you read these useful booking tips or you’ll pay more unnecessarily.

Online Travel BookingsYou’ve picked a destination for your next amazing holiday but need to get there. Follow these easy tips to book the most affordable flights.

Try Alternative Airports

People often forget to look at second or third airports within a city when booking flights. Some airports offer cheaper flights than others within the same city. For example, when leaving from Johannesburg, flights from Lanseria Airport can often be cheaper than O.R. Thambo International.

Get Rid of Pesky Cookies

Recent articles have shed some light onto the use of travel sites using cookies to tailor your search and potentially increase the airfares shown in your search. Websites use cookies to identify you and they track your Internet actions such as remembering when you add items to a cart on a shopping site without signing in.

The site would essentially guess that you would be willing to pay higher prices if the stored cookies show you have been doing research on a particular route over the past few days or weeks. Read more about this here:

Get around this by comparing prices shown on your cell phone to your computer. Alternatively, you can search in two different browsers to see if there is any change.

Make Night Owl Bookings

Airlines often let flight prices drift upwards during the week but the best time to book a flight for airfares on sale is late on a Sunday night and early Monday morning.

Prices increase during the day on Monday and then the fares that didn’t sell well may drop down again on Monday night to early Tuesday morning.

Avoid Friday and Sunday Flights

Knowing leisure travellers, vacationers, and businessmen mostly travel on these days, the prices of flights can get quite high. High demand for these days allows the airlines to increase prices seeing people will still buy the flights. You should always try avoid these days for flying if you can.

Pick the Best In-Flight Experience

If you are left choosing between two fares that are quite similar in price, make the in-flight experience the deciding factor. A number of small features can make your trip much nicer, such as entertainment options, more leg room, reclining seats, or better meals.

Always Remember Other Costs

Choosing the cheapest may not be the most affordable in the long run if you don’t take into account airport taxes or having to stay in a hotel to make a very early flight. You may have higher baggage fees or more restrictions on your luggage. Don’t forget about the human costs involved of a lift from a friend to the airport at very early times, especially if it makes them late for work. Try keep these factors in mind when booking a flight.

Fly Two Different Airlines

In some cases, the return trip you book with one airline can be more expensive compared to getting two flights from different airlines. You may also find departure and arrival times to be more convenient by booking two different airlines. If you have frequent flyer miles, try book flights within the airline alliance so you won’t miss out.

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The new HTC One Mini has entered the market with a bang, this powerful pocket-sized smartphone contends against the HTC One.

HTC One Mini

The new HTC One Mini is able to proudly stand its own against its bigger brother, the HTC One. The HTC One Mini is smaller but perfectly capable of fulfilling almost all of the demands of messaging applications and multimedia with its 1.4GHz quad core processor.

This little dynamite mobile phone has longer talking time than the HTC One but relatively is not all that little. A 10.9cm screen display closely matches it against the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and is slightly bigger than the Apple 5S. The HTC One Mini boasts 16GB internal memory as well as a 4 megapixel camera. HTC does not disappoint with sharp high-definition images and videos in a more compact and practical size. The HTC One Mini also simply and effortlessly connects via the USB charging cable to your PC as is a standard among most smartphones.

The sleek aluminium body is accompanied by the tough and durable Gorilla Glass, similar to most high-end smartphones currently available. Although not as mighty as the HTC One with 2GB of RAM, the HTC One Mini’s 1GB of RAM still provides good gaming graphics. HTC uses Google Android 4.2.2 or commonly known as ‘Jelly Bean’ and delivers regular operating system updates, which means that this mobile phone will seamlessly update to Google’s new Android ‘KitKat’ update.

Larger phones may be cumbersome if you have small hands, and with the great functionality offered by the HTC One Mini, this is a fantastic choice especially at affordable rates. The HTC One Mini is currently on offer from Cell C and Vodacom for 24-month contracts starting from R299,00 per month. Alternatively, you can get the pre-paid HTC One Mini from Vodacom from R5 769,00.

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Before you set off on your amazing trip, make sure you know what your travel insurance policy won’t cover.

Extreme Sports Won't be Covered by Travel Insurance

We’re all eager to explore and jet off to unknown places yet we need to be aware of certain things your Travel Insurance company won’t cover BEFORE you leave.

1. Starting the policy: You should preferably start paying your travel insurance premiums as soon as you book your trip because if you cancel your trip and your travel insurance starts on the first day of your trip, the insurance company won’t cover lost expenses.

2. Health declarations: If you don’t declare a pre-existing medical condition before your trip and you require medical assistance, the insurance company may turn down your claim. Some policies will provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions however, they won’t continue paying your routine treatment. If you have travelled against medical advice and make a medical claim, you will not be covered.

3. Reporting theft or loss: You need a police report if you are going to claim for lost or stolen items. Some insurance companies insist on a report within 24 hours of the incident.

4. Extreme sports: Check with your insurance company and your policy to see what sports-related injuries they are willing to compensate. Keep in mind that your concept of extreme sports may differ to that of the insurance company so verify before you book.

5. Risky zones: Your insurance company may not cover certain countries or regions for certain reasons including terrorism and war risks. Check the list of no-go zones before you book to ensure you have adequate cover.

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